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Galaxy Collection

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Galaxy Collection
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Galaxy Collection


Galaxy Truffle Collection


Milky Way Truffle – Triple Berry Caramel Truffle

Three jewel-toned berries caught in an endlessly delicious swirl of caramel and chocolate make this the perfect ode to our galaxy.

Moon – Honey Goat Cheese Truffle

Light honey sweetness complements tangy goat cheese in a delicate white  chocolate ganache. The Moon may be mysterious, but everyone knows it’s made of cheese!

Jupiter – Apple Cinnamon Swirl Truffle

Jupiter is the   planet of storms, thunder and   lightning. Intense green apple     balsamic blends with warm spices in this truffle to electrify your taste buds.

Uranus – Bright Mint Truffle

Often referred to as an “ice giant”, Uranus is one of the coldest planets in the solar system. To highlight this, pure peppermint oil is added to the ganache to make the brightest mint possible!

Mercury – Earl Grey Tea Truffle

Mercury, named for the messenger god, is the planet of communication. What better way to communicate than over a nice cup of tea? The citrusy overtones of Earl Grey are the perfect touch.

Earth – Blueberry Basil Truffle

Reflecting the beauty of Earth’s marble like colors, sweet blueberry and earthy basil swirl together to honor the planet we call home.

Saturn – Espresso Fudge Truffle

Saturn is most famous for its large, visible rings. In this smooth chocolate truffle, the rich, mocha colors of this gas giant are echoed with the flavors of espresso and fudge.

Pluto – Pomegranate Cacao Nib Truffle

According to myth, after eating a pomegranate fruit, Persephone was fated to remain in the underworld, where she ruled alongside Pluto (or Hades).  Tart pomegranate is blended with crunchy cacao nibs as an homage to this power couple.

Venus – Passionfruit Truffle

Associated with the goddess of love, Venus is sweet and bold. Fresh passionfruit paste and soft white chocolate will win your heart and leave you wanting more.

Mars – Mayan Cocoa Truffle

Red and hot, Mars is a powerful planet of war. Dry cinnamon and spicy cayenne are softened by sweet milk        chocolate to make this irresistible Mayan Hot Cocoa Truffle.

Neptune – Salted Lavender Truffle

The depth of blue found on Neptune’s surface brings to mind the depth of flavor and beauty found in lavender.  A dash of sea salt and a touch of lemon elevate this flavor even further.

Black Hole – Star Anise Truffle

A true mystery of the universe, few things can match the intrigue of the Black Hole. Equally mysterious Star Anise lends its  complexity to   creating a vortex of flavor in this     delicious truffle.






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12-piece Galaxy Collection