About Peacetree Mountain Truffles

Bloomington, Indiana is more than an address for us at Peacetree Mountain Truffles. It’s our home — where we live, who we are, and how we do business. And it’s where we make our truffles — right here among the rolling hills of Southern Indiana. And from our very first truffle, Hoosier integrity, pride, and creativity have inspired us to take an Artisan’s approach to chocolate: Fresh. Handmade. Unique.

We use only fine ingredients: superior chocolates, premium dairy products, exceptional cookies, extraordinary wines, fresh roasted coffees, and artisan aged balsamics and olive oils. We finish each truffle in true artisan style, with hand decorating. We blend unique flavors into distinctive, creamy truffles filings and drench them with delicious chocolates. Our dedication to quality, artistry, and taste makes our truffles the most delectable, delicious chocolate truffles anywhere!

Meet the Inspiration behind Peacetree Mountain Truffles

Linda Armes

Family 2

Linda’s favorite thing to do as a child was help her grandmother make candy, cookies and desserts for the  holiday season. They would sit around the kitchen table, wrapping pralines in waxed paper, pulling taffy until  it was light and creamy, pushing sweet chocolate kisses into soft, warm peanut butter cookies, rolling out  homemade pie crusts, and then filling them with delectable fruits and custards.

After she won an Emeril Live contest and appeared on Food Network, Linda’s family and friends began to  encourage her to find a way to turn her culinary skills into a business. When she began making truffles for the  holiday season, everyone knew she was on to something!


Emeril 2

Linda jumped into her formal chocolate education with both feet – taking chocolate classes, learning everything she could about different kinds of chocolates, creating recipes, and evaluating fillings. The whole kitchen was turned into a laboratory and her husband even created a new verb for what she was up to – “truffling”!

After what seemed like forever, Linda emerged from her kitchen laboratory with creative, distinctive truffles that had exceeded her expectations! She was ready to get her business started, but smart enough to know she needed help to create a solid business foundation for her creative talent. Help was not far away as two of her close friends soon committed their expertise and talents to the success and growth of Peacetree Mountain Truffles.




Gretchen Handlos

Gretchen brings an appreciation for fine chocolate to Peacetree and an interest in business operations.  As Director of Graduate Accounting Programs and Information Systems at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Gretchen’s addition to the company has brought organization and excellence to Peacetree’s business element. Serving as Director of Operations for Peacetree, Gretchen keeps the business focused and on track. She also works with Linda and Lisa to discover and pursue new and exciting markets for their truffles. Her family generously assists the business with regular taste testings!

Lisa Hornibrook

One question Lisa is frequently asked is, “Is there anybody in Bloomington you DON’T know?” Although she takes a lot of ribbing about her social skills, Lisa is a consummate professional who brings experience from many business avenues to her role as Director of Marketing for Peacetree. With a doctorate in Psychology, Lisa regularly lectures at both Indiana University and Ivy Tech, keeping her active in her degree field as well as keeping her connected to her large network of contacts. Connecting Peacetree Mountain Truffles with the perfect retail locations is what Lisa does best! Lisa’s family also enjoys their role as taste testers and they are always on the lookout for new combinations and flavors!

About our Name
Peacetree – Find true Peace in Calvary’s Tree.
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